Saturday , January 21 2017

Recuva v1.52 Pro Full Download Free with Crack


Recuva works on around any rewriteable media you would possibly have. whether or not you wish to recover precious images out of your digital camera’s memory card, files you saved to Associate in Nursing external harddrive, or your documents you’re taking with you each day on your USB key, Recuva’s …

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GTA Vice City (2016) full Version free Download


GTA ViceCity 2016 full New Version free Download Grand Theft Auto is a computer and video game initiated by the Rockstar North and came on screen by the Rockstar Games. It came in to 3D view and it is the second game by the title Grand Theft Auto Vice City video game it was initially came on august …

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GPON introduction?


Gigabit passive optical network is a running technology in Pakistan.Its implementation is in process and it will fulfill our high data rate requirement.In this video i am giving you a basic concept about GPON network.we will discuss the following terms. GPON = Gigabit passive optical network OLT = Optical line terminal …

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What is Bluetooth?


Bluetooth is a wireless connectivity standard it connects devices together over a limited distance.Bluetooth establish an ad hoc network and connected devices work in master and slave fashion.Ad hoc network is also called PAN.In this video we will discuss following topics Bluetooth ad hoc ad hoc network PAN piconet bluetooth …

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What is optical fiber?


Optical  fiber is a type  of guided medium to transport information from one point to another point.Information travels in the form of light.Data capacity of fiber is very high due to light nature of the signal.In this video we are going to discuss following topics Optical fiber working reflection refraction …

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Internet of Things IOT


It is a system to interconnect different devices, machines, animal and people.All things are able to communicate over internet. It will bring automation in everything.In simple words you can say it is “interconnection of things”. What are Things??? Objects ,Machines, Appliances, Buildings, Vehicles, Animals, People, Plants everything is included in things How to Implement??? We have to …

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How to Add Web Push Notification to Your WordPress Site


Have you noticed the web push notifications used on popular websites like Facebook? Recently one of our readers asked if it was possible to add web push notifications in WordPress. Ofcourse, it is. In this article, we will show you how to add web push notification to your WordPress site. …

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How to Create Temporary Login for WordPress (No Passwords)


Have you ever need to create temporary WordPress accounts that automatically expire after a given time? Sometimes you may need to create temporary accounts to give temporary access to the admin area. In this article, we will show you how to create temporary login for WordPress without passwords. When You …

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